The Medway

For boats based in the Swale creeks the Medway is a useful short trip. It can be reached by sailing around the north of the Isle of Sheppey (taking in the Montgomery wreck along the way). If the weather is bad or you’re in a hurry then it’s also possible to go directly through the Swale via the Kingsferry Bridge and Queenborough.

Once into the Medway there are several places to stay: Chatham and Gillingham marinas, Stangate Creek and Sharfleet anchorages or Queenborough’s All Tide Landing. Then take a cruise up to Rochester Bridge to inspect the Russian Submarine, or even use your dinghy to see the WW1 German U-boat near Damhead Creek.

Hollowshore have an organised Medway cruise annually. This coincides with our Club lunch at Medway Yacht Club – always a good event!

Take a look at this Video summary of the October 2021 Medway Cruise (longer version also available here)