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Hollowshore has new Commodore

Nearly 50 members attended Hollowshore CC’s 2022 Annual General Meeting and Christmas Party on Saturday December 3, one of the best turnouts in years.

There was applause, tributes and a presentation to Dick Holness as he completed his final meeting as Commodore, handing over the Commodore’s Burgee to Mark Sanders.

The new Commodore thanked Dick for “the wonderful job” he had done over three years. After just four months in office came the Covid lockdown, but Dick had energised and invigorated the club and made us all proud to be a member of his team. He presented Dick with an engraved drinking glass.

Mark will be supported by the same officers and committee as now, with the addition of former Commodore Martin Ashton, who returns to the committee. Members enjoyed a huge raffle (thanks to all those who brought prizes) and splendid complimentary food, organised by Social Secretary Beryl Brooke.

Full minutes will appear later on this website, but here are some of the highlights of the evening:-

Membership Subscriptions:  Following a requested £1,500 rent increase on the clubhouse to £7,500 a year for the next five years, there was an overwhelming vote in favour of a £5 increase to £55 in the 2023 membership fee, the first rise since the 2017 AGM. Votes were received by post, on-line and on a show of hands, and the figures were 40 in favour to four against a change. There were also a few voices saying a £10 increase was needed, but it was agreed to go ahead with just £5 this time and revisit the question at the next AGM.

Finance: Treasurer Carole Grater’s 2022 income and expenditure report and balance sheet had earlier been circulated to all members. In a year-end review she said the figures included a £2,667 Covid Grant, and thanks to the efforts of the committee, volunteers and members, the club had made a small surplus, excluding grant income. The grant money had been transferred to the Savings Account, giving a balance of just under £53,000.

If the club could maintain membership subscriptions (currently 116) and the healthy profits from bar, food and events, the estimated shortfall next year should be around £590, taking into account the £5 increase.

The club was fortunate to have savings, but these would get eaten away quickly without a rise in membership numbers and fees. It was essential to have savings to meet future maintenance costs, unforeseen expenses and, of course, to help guarantee the club’s future.

Cups and Trophies:

Member of the Year, Carole Grater for the “utterly brilliant” finance statements and guidance to the committee and club throughout the year.

Psyche Trophy, Brian Chapman for greatest number of ports and anchorages visited (33).

Hollowshore Cup, Brian Chapman for highest number of logged miles (500).

Bryan Hills-Johnes Memorial Trophy, Eric Govan for highest number of single-handed miles (200).

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