Guidance Note on participation

To register as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), which brings important tax benefits, 50% of members need to “participate” 12 times a year.

Records will not be kept, and the “qualification” rules are wide. They have to be met by only half
the membership, so even if you don’t have a boat or rarely visit the clubhouse, please don’t worry. You are just as welcome.

Examples: If you reckon you will go sailing on 12 separate days, you’ve qualified. If you do any maintenance on the boat on 12 separate days, you’ve qualified. The RYA suggests activities which count as participation include: Sail or crew a boat; Maintain a boat; Attend training as a participant or instructor;
Help in galley or bar, or at a club event; Attend a club meeting;
Be an officer or role holder (e.g. committee member attending one meeting) or carry out administration for the club;
Maintain the club’s website or social media channels;
Organise an event for the club. Looking at the list, especially the sailing and maintenance qualifications, the majority of members will easily rack up the 12. If you’re fairly sure about it all, please tick the box! Remember, we need only half the membership to “participate”.