Other Events

Club Walk to Harty

This is our non-strenuous winter walk, following the (probably very muddy!) footpath beside Oare Creek down to the entrance of Faversham Creek, along the sea wall to the causeway at Harty, and back to the club following the lane to Oare. The complete walk is less than 3.4 miles and even that can be shortened by cutting across the Nature Reserve. It’s really just a stroll in good company. As usual, the dates can be found in the calendar.

There will normally be hot soup and baguettes and the usual bar to welcome walkers afterwards. Walkers leave around 10.30, and the clubhouse will be open at noon for the rest of the membership and guests. Walkers are invited to bring family and friends, as well as dogs.


The Clubhouse Work Party

To keep the clubs cost down we do not employ any staff or cleaners. So, once a year members are invited to join the work party. A couple of hours on a Saturday morning. We usually get a reasonable turnout of stalwart members who come to weed, fix, paint etc. It’s not the most glamorous of events, but is a good chance to do a bit of bonding with fellow members and possibly get a free bacon sandwich.

Be sure to put the work party date in your diary!