John Webb’s Winter Newsletter

Hi all you club members! We are now coming to the close of the sailing and cruising season once again, and some of you have already had your boats lifted out and are preparing to do all the necessary small or major work ready for next year’s sailing. In looking back over this year, do you feel happy with what you have achieved, did you get to that place on the chart you planned to visit, or did you become weather bound either due to lack of wind — or too much?

When I look back I see a good number of boats went on the early bus cruise to Chatham and later to St Katharine’s Dock, where large parties took place to celebrate a certain Royal Wedding. After that, at least four to five of you achieved getting down St Valery En Caux, one member getting down to the Channel Islands and to the Brittany Coast and back. During the same time others went to Holland enjoying the very hot summer weather. Finally, a small group ended up on the East Coast visiting all the favourite spots, also one ended up in the Scottish Lochs, via trailer-sailer.

Once again, this year we were invited round to Conyer for a BBQ and a large amount of smaller boat sailors attented this trip, meals being taken in the club house as well as the pub in the creak. Once again, we put our stall up in Faversham on the grass for the Nautical Festival, here two trailer sailors showed off their boats and talked about what we as a club get involved in. Hence, new members joined and we will be welcoming you to our New Members’ Lunch on Sunday November 4, where you can have a free snack lunch (the rest of us will be paying).

As for the club house it has received a new door fitted by Bob and Mark, a new dishwasher, plus contractors fitted new windows and an insert window unit in the corner (it looks like a door but it isn’t). Hopefully our mice problem has gone but if you bring a dog into the building, beware as everywhere has been treated — wouldn’t like to see your best friend laying there with its paws in the air. Should be OK in about a month.

If I don’t see you at the AGM have a good 2019 sailing.

John Webb, Commodore

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